SOLUNox® is designed for treating mild to moderate habitual snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea in adults. SOLUNox® is a one piece mouthguard for advancing the lower jaw, designed for immediate use. The SOLUNox® mouthguard is an effective solution to stop snoring rapidly and easily.

When travelling, sufferers of sleep apnoea who regularly use a CPAP device to treat their condition can, after consultation with their doctor, replace it temporarily with SOLUNox®.





1- SOLUNox® is an anti-snoring mouthguard used to stop snoring rapidly and easily.
2- SOLUNox® offers its user great comfort, stops snoring and reduces interruptions in breathing.
3- SOLUNox® is a made-to-measure mouthguard immediately useable that users can themselves adapt to their own teeth.
4- SOLUNox® can be used temporarily (whilst travelling) by users of CPAP type devices following medical advice.
5- SOLUNox® is a mouthguard that can be customised as often as needed so as to best adjust to the evolution of your teeth.
6- SOLUNox® guarantees healthy and restful sleep.

The adjustment of the mouthguard to the mouth of the patient can be done by the patient himself (following the instructions provided) or by a doctor (ex. ENT doctor, sleep laboratory doctor, dentist).

Like all mouthguards that advance the lower jaw, SOLUNox® works by advancing the lower jaw and the tongue root. The respiratory airways remain open during sleep, thereby facilitating respiration and reducing snoring. Adjusting the mouthguard in the patient’s mouth is normally done by a doctor (eg. ENT specialist, sleep laboratory specialist or dentist).

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