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Dornberger & Fils is a well renowned company in precision mechanics and plastics from the Var region in France, and has been for over 30 years. The expertise of this company in its speciality domains is widely recognised by its clients, for example the C.E.A. (Atomic Energy Commission) – who have been a client of this company for 20 years.

Dornberger & fils offer unique products that are innovative and have been patented – the result of extensive research by specialists and universities. Their philosophy is to develop affordable replacement solutions for custom-made products without in any way sacrificing excellence and quality.


The know-how of Dornberger & Fils is well recognised by the French Ministry of Finance which accorded the company the prestigious title of « Cultural Heritage Company » in 2010.



ISO 9001

Dornberger & Fils have been ISO 9001 (the 2008 version) certified since October 2011.This certification covers all of their products for the medical and paramedical sectors.


Made in FranceSince 1980 Dornberger & Fils have  been inventing, developing and producing their products in the Var region in France for the industrial, medical and paramedical industries.

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