Snoring is the noise made by a person sleeping.



T his noise, which can reach 100 decibels, is the result of vibration of the respiratory soft tissue (known as nasopharyngeal tissue: the soft palate, tongue base and pharyngeal walls).

From the age of 40, 60% of men and 40% of women are light occasional snorers. But 25% of men and 15% of women suffer from severe pathological snoring, called ronchopathy.

Fatigue, and the consumption of alcohol and certain drugs can cause snoring. Obesity is also a cause or an aggravating factor.


Sleep apnoea Reasons for snoring Treatments



During the night, the soft tissues have a tendency to obstruct the respiratory tracts because the pharynx muscles are lax. This obstruction causes snoring. This gets more and more intense as the passage narrows. Once the walls of the pharynx have collapsed sleep apnoea occurs.

The person must then wake up for the muscles to contract. The soft tissues no longer block the passage and air can once again flow freely. Breathing returns to normal.

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Sleep apnoea

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Besides the trivial and banal aspect of snoring, this can hide a much more serious pathology, sleep apnoea. The consequences of this apnoea and snoring have led to a number of studies since the generalisation of sleep recordings, in hospital or at home.

Sleep apnoea is an illness unfamiliar to the general public, still too often under diagnosed, but which strikes an important and growing number of our peers.

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SOLUNox offers a healthy and restful sleep to those suffering from snoring or obstructive sleep apnoea.

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